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ASME Code Week Brussels 2020 - Booking

An overview of our complete seminar program 2020 in Brussels:

Seminar Title Date
BR1 ASME Code - Introduction 7. Dec. '20
BR2 ASME Code Section VIII, Division 1 Workshop - Design Calculation of Pressure Vessels 7. - 9. Dec. '20
BR3 ASME B16.34 - Valves 7. Dec. '20
BR4 ASME B31.3 and B31.1 - Piping 8. Dec. '20
BR5 Material Requirements of the ASME Code 8. Dec. '20
BR6 CAESAR for Users 9. Dec. '20
BR7 ASME Code Section III and NQA-1 - Nuclear Codes 9. - 11. Dec. '20
BR8 PV Elite for User 10. - 11. Dec. '20
BR9 ASME Code Section IX - Welding 10. Dec. '20
BR10 ASME Code Section V - NDE Procedures and Personnel 11. Dec. '20
BR11 ASME Code and PED Requirements 11. Dec. '20

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Fees and Registration
The seminar fee (incl. VAT, if applicable) covers the seminar attendance, detailed handouts, seminar certificate, coffee and lunch breaks. Once we receive your registration we will confirm your booking by e-mail. As we reserve a room contingent at the seminar hotel for our participants up until 4 weeks before the first seminar takes place, we suggest booking your accommodation (only with the attached form) directly after receiving the confirmation. It is up to the participants to make their own travel arrangements and hotel booking. Between 4 and 6 weeks before the seminar you will receive the seminar invoice.

Any data transferred during registration will be used for processing the seminar bookings and for information about upcoming events. Names of participants and companies will be made available to the other participants via the attendance list. Please inform us, if you do not want to be listed on the attendance list.

Up until 2 weeks before the seminar date cancellation is free of charge. After this date we have to charge 50% of the seminar fee, no-shows will be charged the full fee. However, you are free to name an alternate participant. We need to be informed about the registration of an alternate participant in writing before the seminar starts. Partial attendance is not possible.

We reserve the right to cancel the seminar for important reasons (instructor falling ill, insufficient number of participants, force majeure). Cancellation because of an insufficient number of participants will be announced in a timely manner. In all other cases, especially changing the instructor, CIS will inform the participants as soon as possible. Any fees already paid will be reimbursed or set off against seminar fees for a different seminar. Any further claims are excluded. If you have any further questions regarding our seminars, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail, phone or via our contact page.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Brussels.

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