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Are you interested in giving your students some first-hand insight into the current ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code and other American technical standards and regulations? Within the scope of our CIS Sponsorship Program for Students, we are happy to support you by offering a complimentary presentation held by one of our Authorized (Nuclear) Inspector Supervisors. Our seminar instructors are among the leading specialists in the plant engineering sector and will cover specific topics according to your faculty's needs.

Feel free to contact us.

Seminar Overview: German Seminars

ASME Code Essentials 2023 ONLINE

Seminar Titel Datum
K1 Phased Array Prüferqualifikation 27.03.23
K2 Anzeigen mit Phased Array bewerten 27.03.23
K3 Geformte Böden und flache Deckel 28.03.23
K4 AD 2000 Lastwechselbetrachtung 28.03.23
K5 Druckgeräte registrieren in Kanada 29.03.23
K6 Particular Material Appraisals 29.03.23
K7 Schmiedeteil oder Stabmaterial 30.03.23
K8 ASME-Sehtest einfach und genial 30.03.23
K9 Alle ASME Code Sections im Überblick 31.03.23
K10 Auftragsschweißen unter ASME 31.03.23

ASME Code-Wochen 2023 ONLINE

Seminar Titel Datum
D1 Workshop - Das ASME Joint Review sicher bestehen 17.04.23
D2 Englisch für
ASME Code-Anwender
D3 ASME für Nicht-Techniker 18.04.23
D4 ASME Code - Allgemeine Einführung 18.04.23
D5 ASME Code Section VIII, Division 1 - Druckbehälter 19.-20.04.23
D6 ASME Code Section VIII - Division 2, Alternative Regeln für Druckbehälter 21.04.23
D7 ASME Code Section VIII, Division 1 - Berechnungsworkshop 24.-26.04.23
D8 ASME B31.3 und B31.1 - Rohrleitungen 24.04.23
D9 ASME B16.34 - Ventile 25.04.23
D10 Rohrleitungen nach EN 13480 26.04.23
D11 AD2000 - Das bewährte Regelwerk für Druckbeälter 27.-28.04.23
D12 ASME Code Section V - Zerstörungsfreies Prüfen 27.-28.04.23
D13 ASME Code Section IX - Schweißen 08.-09.05.23
D14 Materialanforderungen im
D15 ASME Code unter der DGRL 11.04.23
Seminar Overview: English Seminars

ASME Code Weeks 2023 ONLINE

Seminar Titel Datum
Q1 The ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code: An Introduction 05.06.2023
Q2 ASME B16.34: Valves 05.06.2023
Q3 ASME BVP Code and PED Requirements 06.06.2023
Q4 ASME BVP Code Section V: NDE Procedures and Personnel 06.-07.06.2023
Q5 Material Requirements of the ASME BPV Code 07.06.2023
Q6 ASME BPV Code, Section VIII, Division 1: Pressure Vessels 12.-13.06.2023
Q7 ASME BVP Code, Section IX: Welding 14.-15.06.2023
Q10 ASME B31.3 and B31.1: Process & Power Piping 16.06.2023
Q11 ASME BPV Code Section VIII, Division 1: Workshop Design Calculation 19.-21.06.2023
Q12 ASME BVP Code, Section VIII, Division 2: Alternative Rules 22.06.2023
Q13 ASME BVP Code Section III: Nuclear Codes 19.-20.06.2023
Q14 ASME NQA-1: Nuclear Quality Assurance 21.-22.06.2023
Q15 Nuclear - Lead Auditor Examination 23.06.2023

ASME Code Essentials 2023 ONLINE

Seminar Titel Datum
N1 Registering Pressure Equipment in Canada: What does CSA B51 require and what are the specifics for different provinces? 22.05.2023
Finite element analysis under Section VIII, Division 1 - What does an ASME Code compliant FE analysis look like, which special features must be observed and under which conditions may it be used at all?
N3 Dished Heads and Flat Covers – Tips and Tricks for the correct calculation and consideration of nozzles 23.05.2023
N4 AD 2000 fatigue assessment for ASME Code Pressure Vessels – Under which conditions are the AD 2000 Merkblätter S1/S2 compatible with the ASME Code 23.05.2023
N5 An ASME Pressure Vessel under the Pressure Equipment Directive. A quick guide to successful "dual/parallel/simultaneous" certification according to ASME and PED 2014/68/EU in one go. 24.05.2023
N6 Particular Material Appraisals – Simply explained. How to correctly use ASME material under the Pressure Equipment Directive. 24.05.2023
N7 ASME Code requirements for Forgings and bar material – The easy way forward, no more trouble with the inspector 25.05.2023
N8 Eye test – Simple and Ingenious: How to train and qualify your personnel properly in three steps 25.05.2023
N9 All ASME Code Sections at a glance - A description of the different ASME Code Sections and how to find the one needed for your purposes 26.05.2023
N10 Cladding for ASME Pressure Equipment: The correct welding qualification under Section IX 26.06.2023

Have you experienced that the ASME Code is not at all or not sufficiently covered in your course of studies at your university or technical college? If so, this doesn't come as a surprise - despite its international relevance the ASME Code is often neglected in teaching. We are happy to help and offer interested students some places in our ASME Code seminars free of charge. Just apply here.

Please note: To give as many students as possible the opportunity to attend, please apply to a maximum of two courses per event only.

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Notes: If you have been invited to join one of our courses but are unable to participate for any reason, please contact us immediately. One of your fellow students will surely be happy about the free place.

We assure you that we will only use the data you provide to us in compliance with our data protection agreement only and will not pass it on to third parties. By submitting your application, you agree to the electronic storage, use and further processing of your data for the purpose of conducting the seminar.

All applications will be collected and reviewed. If there are several applicants, you will be contacted by the seminar instructor or by our office in the course of the applicant selection process. Approximately two to four weeks before the start of the seminar series, we will inform you whether we can provide you with a free place.

Thank you for your application. Please also send a current certificate of study to As soon as we receive your certificate of study, we will process your application.

Please note: WITHOUT a certificate of study your application will not be processed!

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