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Events - ASME Code Courses, Seminars and Workshops

In addition to the seminars offered by CIS, below please find a list of ASME Code related courses and workshops of other organizations, both in Germany and some other European countries. Please note that this list does not claim to be complete or representative. If you are the organizer of any seminar which might be missing from this list, please feel free to get in touch with us to have it included.

Date Organizor Title Location
23.11.2020 CIS GmbH Optimize your NDE Written Practice according to SNTTC-1A – Implement ASME Code
requirements correctly
23.11.2020 CIS GmbH Structure and contents of an ASME RT procedure according to ASME Code Section V Online
24.11.2020 CIS GmbH Simultaneous qualification of welders and welding procedures according to ASME Code
Section IX and PED 2014/68/EU
24.11.2020 CIS GmbH How to determine the correct Joint Efficiency Factor E according to ASME Code Section VIII,
Division 1
25.11.2020 CIS GmbH The ASME Material Certificate Correctly ordered – correctly received Online
25.11.2020 CIS GmbH Power Boilers according to ASME Code Section I Boiler Proper and Boiler External Piping Online
26.11.2020 CIS GmbH ASME NQA-1 – Lead Auditor Qualification Online
26.11.2020 CIS GmbH ASME Code Section III – Unqualified Source Material Online
27.11.2020 CIS GmbH PQR and WPS for GTAW - How to efficiently prepare welding documents according to ASME Code Section IX Online
27.11.2020 CIS GmbH Charpy Impact Tests – Yes or No? The correct application of ASME Code Section VIII-1
22.03.2021 CIS GmbH EN- kontra ASME-Schweißqualifikation
Was sind die Unterschiede?
22.03.2021 CIS GmbH ASME-Schweißer qualifizieren - einfach und sicher! Online
23.03.2021 CIS GmbH ASME Joint Review bestehen - Typische Fehler vermeiden! Online
23.03.2021 CIS GmbH ASME-Tricks – Die richtigen Interpretations und Code Cases finden und effektiv nutzen Online
24.03.2021 CIS GmbH Der ASME-Code-Section-III-Wegweiser – In 10 Sekunden zum richtigen Paragraphen! Online
24.03.2021 CIS GmbH Wie geht eigentlich Commercial Grade Dedication für Design Software? Online
25.03.2021 CIS GmbH FEM-Berechnungen ASME - konform erstellen Elastic - Limit Load - Elastic Plastic Online
25.03.2021 CIS GmbH Das ASME-Materialzeugnis Richtig bestellt - richtig geliefert Online
26.03.2021 CIS GmbH Flansche im ASME Code -Tipps und Tricks zu Standards, Berechnung und Zusatzlasten Online
26.03.2021 CIS GmbH Ultraschall statt Röntgen - So funktioniert's im ASME Code Online
ASME Section VIII Division 1
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