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Dirk Kölbl

Dr.-Ing. Dirk Kölbl
Authorized Nuclear Inspector Supervisor

Phone: +49 201 74 72 75-11 - E-Mail:  

Dirk Kölbl is a qualified Authorized Nuclear Inspector Supervisor for ASME Code Section III, Division 1 and 3 activities and is an Authorized Inspector Supervisor with experience in Sections I, IV, VIII, and X. In his 25 years of experience with the ASME Code, he has prepared a large number of companies all over the world for their ASME Joint Reviews and Nuclear Surveys. He has participated in hundreds of audits of pressure equipment manufacturers, engineering companies and suppliers of nuclear power equipment and material. Dr. Kölbl is member of ASME NQA EUIWG and certified Lead Auditor according to ASME NQA-1 with auditing experience in the fields of material, components, services and engineering. Since 1995 Dr. Kölbl has published several articles on Codes and Standards and developed courses, workshops and seminars. His experience and professional teaching skills make him an effective and entertaining instructor.

Sascha Wegener

Dipl.-Ing. Sascha Wegener
Authorized Nuclear Inspector Supervisor

Phone: +49 201 74 72 75-22 - E-Mail:  

Sascha Wegener has accrued more than 20 years of ASME Code experience and thus is a highly competent expert for all ASME Code matters. Before joining CIS GmbH he held the position of the responsible Area Supervisor at One/TÜV/BV in Essen. For years he has successfully supported companies all over the world with their ASME certification both in the nuclear and non-nuclear fields as an ASME Authorized Inspector Supervisor / Authorized Nuclear Inspector Supervisor. In this role he has rendered technical consultancy services to companies from different industrial sectors, such as power plant and mechanical engineering and reviewed their quality systems in numerous audits. He is also qualified as an ASME NQA-1 Lead Auditor. Sascha Wegener has been holding national and international seminars (both public and in-house), workshops and presentations on a wide range of ASME Code topics. Before becoming qualified as an ASME Inspector, he worked as a welding engineer in the quality assurance department of Wessel GmbH, an ASME certified boiler manufacturer.

Wilko Adams

Wilko Adams
Authorized Nuclear Inspector Supervisor / TÜV Thüringen e.V.

Phone: +49 3641 39 97 38 - E-Mail:


Wilko Adams is a long serving consultant for pressure vessel and piping manufacturers. He is a qualified welding engineer, an experienced industrial auditor and the holder of NDE Certificates for RT, PT, MT and VT. Having conducted numerous public and customized in-company seminars and workshops on the ASME Code and other internationally recognized Standards, Wilko is specialized in offering practical and valuable assistance to the course participants. As an ASME Nuclear Inspector Supervisor he is a renowned expert for ASME Audits, Certifications and Inspections.

Michael Frohnert

Dipl.-Ing. Michael Frohnert
Authorized Inspector Supervisor / Authorized Nuclear Inspector

Phone: +49 201 74 72 75-12 - E-Mail:  

Michael Frohnert's main field of activities is preparing and reviewing design calculations according to the ASME Code and other international Codes and Standards for the plant and mechanical engineering industries as well as performing ASME inspections and audits. Before changing to CIS GmbH he started his professional career at ONE/TÜV/BV in Essen where he worked as a design engineer, inspector and seminar instructor. During his time with One/TÜV/BV he qualified in the ASME Code business as an ASME Authorized Inspector and went on to become an experienced Authorized Inspector Supervisor. He also holds a National Board endorsement as Authorized Nuclear Inspector. Michael has held numerous public seminars and tailor-made in-company trainings and workshops covering a wide range of topics. His in-depth involvement in the practical application of the ASME design rules is a very beneficial and valuable feature of his seminar work. On behalf of ASME he conducts their Section VIII, Division 2 seminars in Europe and Middle East. Michael Frohnert represents CIS GmbH in the ASME Group of Interested Experts managed by the ASME Delegate of Germany.

Nevresa Frohnert

Dipl.-Ing. / B.Sc. Nevresa Frohnert
Authorized Inspector Supervisor

Phone: +49 201 74 72 75-10 - E-Mail:  

Nevresa Frohnert is an experienced ASME Authorized Inspector Supervisor. She has detailed know-how regarding the design of pressure retaining items according to ASME Code Section I, IV and VIII-1 as well to American piping codes. In addition to that she is an expert for various European and international Standards and their application under PED. As a mechanical engineer with an additional degree in computer science she is ideally qualified to combine both disciplines and to work as an instructor for Code issues as well as for software applications. Her main field of activities is reviewing design documents including calculations, welding documentation, NDE requirements and other records for compliance with the applicable construction code. She is a specialist in the most commonly used pressure vessel and piping software in the plant engineering industry such as PV Elite, Compress, DIMy, VVD, NozzlePro, etc. The participants in her courses thus directly benefit from her practical and theoretical background.

Michael Frohnert

Dr.-Ing. Daniel Hüggenberg
Authorized Inspector Supervisor / Authorized Nuclear Inspector

Phone: +49 201 74 72 75-17 - E-Mail:    

Dr. Daniel Hüggenberg's professional background is closely related to material science. He is experienced in various subjects such as high temperature material applications, fatigue as well as creep behavior and in providing specific solutions for state-of-the-art power plants. Daniel is the author of several publications in his field and has shared his experience at many conferences and contributed to the development of Codes and Standards. Since joining CIS GmbH he has additionally qualified as an ASME Authorized Inspector and now passes on his know-how through his inspection and consulting activities. In his customer-oriented seminars Daniel addresses user-related issues faced by the plant engineering industry when it comes to meeting ASME Code requirements.

Ulrich Kammler

Ulrich Kammler
Language Trainer and Specialist Translator

Phone: +49 201 74 72 75-00 - E-Mail:


Ulrich Kammler has been working for more than 25 years as a language trainer and specialized translator. His services are particularly aligned with the English language requirements of the plant engineering industry, the petrochemical business as well as inspection agencies and NDE service providers. Ulrich's long term experience with language training, especially of ASME Code inspectors and TÜV experts, enables him to familiarize users with the effective application of English language codes and standards. Based on practical examples, his training focuses on dispelling any reservations people may have about using the English language in a professional context.

Ulrich Kammler

Dipl.-Ing. Wassim Khemakhem
Authorized Inspector / Design Engineer

Phone: +49 201 74 72 75-20 - E-Mail: 


Wassim Khemakhem is an ASME Authorized Inspector and an experienced design engineer who in his daily work applies ASME Code Section I, IV, VIII, B31.1 & B31.3, as well as a variety of other international codes and standards, among them AD2000, EN13445, PD5500. His main field of activities covers the reviewing of design documents including calculations, NDE requirements, welding documentation of pressure retaining items such as power and heating boilers, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, piping, valves, etc. This makes him an expert in the application of the most widely used pressure vessel and piping software in the plant and mechanical engineering industries like Compress, PV Elite, DIMy, VVD, NozzlePro and others. His assignments as an ASME Authorized Inspector enable him to take into consideration all the specific ASME Code requirements that go beyond the usual design scope. In his seminars Wassim makes the participants aware of typical ASME Code pitfalls and he assists you with finding individual answers for the specific ASME related tasks in your company.

Marcel Meronk

Dipl.-Ing. Marcel Meronk
Authorized Nuclear Inspector Supervisor

Phone: +49 201 74 72 75-24 - E-Mail:  

Marcel Meronk is an experienced ASME Authorized Nuclear Inspector Supervisor at CIS GmbH and has provided consulting services and performed third party inspections of boilers, pressure vessels as well as nuclear facilities since 2006. He started his career in technical inspections at the TÜV Nord Group and specialized in the ASME Code business while working for One/TÜV/BV. His qualifications include certifications as welding engineer, as certified welding inspector and certificates in the NDT methods RT, MT, PT and VT. With his experience in dealing with the American Structural Welding standard AWS D1.1, which may not be equated with ASME Code Section IX, he supports companies in the qualification of welding procedures and welders in steel construction. In addition, Mr. Meronk is the specialist at TÜV Thüringen e.V. for customers who seek certification by ASME according to the ASME BPE standard in order to produce bioprocessing equipment for the food industry and the healthcare sector. As an ASME certified instructor, Mr. Meronk has many years of experience in conducting public and customer-specific seminars on a wide range of ASME related topics as well as other international Codes and Standards.

Volkan Palabiykik

B.Sc. Volkan Palabiyik
ASME Authorized Nuclear Inspector

Phone: +90 533 715 1965 - E-Mail: 

Volkan Palabıyık is a very experienced ASME Authorized Inspector as well as an Authorized Nuclear Inspector. Having started in the manufacturing industry, he moved on to become a Quality Control/Assurance Manager before continuing his career with several well-known inspection agencies. Volkan is not only qualified as an Aramco Inspector and TÜRKAK Technical Expert, but additionally also as an NDE Level III, welding inspector and lead auditor. His varied technical background and practical knowledge have made him a highly competent consultant for the efficient application of international codes and standards. He is also a Health and Safety Class A expert and participates in audits of accredited companies and conducts periodic inspections of pressure vessels and storage tanks. His wealth of experience is not only beneficial for his clients in the ASME qualification and inspection business, but also for the attendees of the public and inhouse seminars Volkan conducts.

Andreas Splinter

Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Splinter
Authorized Inspector Supervisor / Authorized Nuclear Inspector

Phone: +49 201 74 72 75-0 - E-Mail:  

Andreas Splinter has many years of experience as an ASME Authorized Inspector Supervisor. Beyond his common duties as Inspector, Mr. Splinter has gained a lot of experience and knowledge in the area of "Pressure Vessel Directive” PED 97/23/EC and 2014/68/EU. Under his control as certification manager of the Notified Body HSB International in Germany, many large projects which were based on ASME Construction Codes, have been certified and CE marked. Andreas Splinter has held many seminars, both in-house and public, sharing his experience with the participants. For the Notified Body #0090, TÜV Thüringen, Andreas Splinter is also appointed as a PED inspector.

Uwe Sprengholz

Uwe Sprengholz
TÜV Thüringen Schweiz AG

Phone: +41 62 209 2935 - E-Mail:


Uwe Sprengholz became involved in the development and application of FE analysis programs at an early stage in his professional career. He still closely cooperates with companies offering software for the calculation of pressure equipment. He started as a design engineer and head of the quality department at a well-known pressure vessel manufacturer before changing to the steam and pressure equipment sector at TÜV Thüringen e.V. in 2000. Since 2002 he has been the TÜV Thüringen e.V. representative on the design calculation committee at VdTÜV working on improving the AD2000 standard, chairing this committee for a long time. Today he is responsible for the PED business of TÜV Thüringen e.V. in Italy and holds the position of technical supervisor for the inspection of pressure equipment designated for export.

Tim Verresen

Tim Verresen
Authorized Inspector Supervisor / Authorized Nuclear Inspector

Phone: +32 478 01 06 10 - E-Mail: 


Tim Verresen is an experienced inspector for stationary pressure retaining components and transport tanks. He started his career as a chemical plant operator at BASF, continued in the field of NDE at SGS and in the inspection business at Bureau Veritas. He qualified as an ASME Authorized Inspector in 2008 and as an Authorized Nuclear Inspector in 2010. Tim has a wide range of skills and experience regarding ASME inspections and audits, non-destructive testing, in-service inspection and repairs. His experience covers pressure vessels, steam generators, transport tanks, pipelines, nuclear components and safety valves. Since 2012 Tim has been qualified as an Authorized Inspector Supervisor and Auditor. He performs audits of manufacturers and assists them in preparing their ASME Certification. Tim has also been certified as an inspector for PED 97/23/EC by TÜV Thüringen e.V. since 2013.

Volkan Palabiykik

Chris Parkin


Chris Parkin is a Principal Application Engineer working for Hexagon in the UK. Chris is responsible for providing consultancy, technical support, customization and training services for CAESAR II, PV Elite and the entire CADWorx product suite. Chris has over 12 years of experience teaching designers and engineers in how to use Hexagon software in the most efficient and productive way. Chris has also been involved in multiple pipe stress analysis projects, primarily in the bio-pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries.

Sascha Wegener

B.Sc. Tahir Salih Eraktan
ASME Authorized Inspector & Supervisor

Phone: +90 532 273 8400 - E-Mail:  

Tahir Salih Eraktan is a very experienced ASME Authorized Inspector and ASME Authorized Inspector Supervisor. He is highly specialized in NDE both for ISO 9712 and SNT-TC-1A as a Level III for MT, PT and RT. Salih is also a welding inspector and his experience covers pressure vessels, power boilers as well as piping systems. As a PED inspector he is very familiar with the dual certification of pressure equipment under both ASME and PED. Being a member of the technical expert committee of the Turkish Accreditation Body (TURKAK) he participates in many audits of NOBO and RTPO in Turkey. Since 1998 he has been engaged in ISO 9001, ISO 3834 and EN 1090 activities as a lead auditor for several third party organizations. Additionally, he participates as a Health and Safety Class A expert in audits of accredited companies and conducts in-service inspection of pressure vessels and storage tanks. His vast professional experience makes Salih an ideal instructor of courses covering ASME Code Section VIII-1, Section V, Section IX, ASME/PED as well as MT, PT and RT workshops within Turkey and abroad.


M.Eng. Erlandas Kinderis
Authorized Inspector Supervisor

Phone: +370-645-10343 E-Mail:  

Erlandas Kinderis is specialized in new construction inspections ASME and EN standards line for steam and hot water boilers, pressure vessels and piping systems. His experience started in 1996 as in service inspector for pressure equipment. Now, holding AI/AIS, R commissions, his vast professional experience makes Erlandas as instructor of courses covering ASME, EN, PED workshops within Lithuania and abroad, including dual certification of pressure equipment under both ASME and PED requirements. He’s holding qualifications as welding engineer / welding inspector, VT-2, PT-2 RTF-2 ISO 9712. He’s also engaged with ISO 9001, ISO 3834 and EN 1090 activities as a lead auditor of the TÜV Thüringen e.V.

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