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ASME Code Services

Consulting and preparatory activities for the ASME certification audit

ASME Consulting
  • Quality System Manual

  • Welding qualifications and welding procedures (WPS / WPQ / WOPQ / PQR)

  • Qualification of the NDE personnel (SNT-TC-1A)

  • Qualification of NDE procedures

  • CIS participation in the ASME joint reviews and surveys as ASME Authorized Inspector Supervisor (AIS/ANIS) and Authorized Inspector (AI/ANI)


Authorized Inspection Agency activities

Authorized Inspection Agency
  • Section I, Power Boilers

  • Section III Division 1 & 3, Nuclear Components

  • Section IV, Heating Boilers

  • Section VIII, Division 1, 2 & 3, Pressure Vessels

  • Section X, Fiber Reinforced Plastic Pressure Vessels

  • ASME B31.1 - Power Piping

  • ASME Code Section XII - Transport Tanks


ASME Code seminars
& workshops

ASME Code Seminars
  • CIS GmbH is an ASME Authorized Training Provider for ASME Global Courses

  • In-company seminars, tailor-made for your projects

  • Public seminars covering a wide range of engineering topics

  • Annual Exchange of Experience for "ASME  Stampholders"

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Design calculations and design reviews

ASME calculation
  • ASME Code design calculations for pressure vessels, power boilers, piping, fittings, etc.

  • Design calculations in line with various international Codes & Standards (AS 1210, BS 5500, GOST, AD 2000, IBR, etc.)

  • Consideration of supplemental design loads such as seismic, wind, fatigue, etc.


Immediate expert assistance and support

Get in contact with the ASME Code
  • ASME certification

  • Authorized inspection of pressure vessels, power boilers, nuclear components, piping, etc.

  • ASME Code application to meet the requirements of PED 2014/68/EU

  • Welding procedure and welder qualification (PQR, WPS, WPQ, WOPQ)

  • NDE personnel and NDE procedures (RT, UT, PT, MT, LT)

  • Written Practice according to SNT-TC-1A

  • Product registration according to CSA B51 (Canada Registration Number, CRN)

ASME Section VIII Division 1
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