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An overview of the complete seminar program:

Seminar Title Date
H1 The ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code: An Introduction 5 February 2024
H2 ASME BPV Code, Section VIII, Division 1: Pressure Vessels 6-7 February 2024
H3 ASME BPV Code Section VIII, Division 2: Alternative Rules for Pressure Vessels 8 February 2024
H4 ASME BPV Code and PED Requirements 9 February 2024
H5 ASME BPV Code Section VIII, Division 1: Workshop Design Calculation 12-14 February 2024
H6 Material Requirements of the ASME BPV Code 14 February 2024
H7 ASME BPV Code, Section IX: Welding 15-16 February 2024
H8 EN 13445 - European Standard for Pressure Vessels 15-16 February 2024
H9 ASME B31.3 and B31.1: Process & Power Piping 19 February 2024
H10 EN 13480 - European Piping Code 20 February 2024
H11 ASME B16.34: Valves 21 February 2024
H12 ASME BPV Code, Section V: NDE Procedures and Personnel 22-23 February 2024
H13 ASME BPV Code Section III: Nuclear Codes 19-20 February 2024
H14 ASME NQA-1 : Nuclear Quality Assurance 21-22 February 2024
H15 Lead Auditor Examination 23 February 2024
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H13: ASME BVP Code Section III: Nuclear Codes

Mon. - Tue., 19 - 20 February 2024 / 9 am to 5 pm (Online, CET)

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1050,- €


How to find your way around the Code in 10 seconds! Structure and usage of ASME Code Section III, including the changes of the 2021 Edition. What are Class 1, 2, 3, MC, CS, SC, TC, QSC, ASME N, NV, NPT, NS and NA Certificates? We cover qualification and certification as a service provider, certification as a "Material Organization", Unqualified Source Material and the material certificates CMTR or CoC. Furthermore, we look at valves, pumps, vessels, pipelines, supports, assembly and inservice inspections. The comprehensive seminar provides detailed insights and answers specific questions on ASME Code Section III. Practical examples and exercises demonstrate how to apply the Code correctly.

The seminar language is English.

Key points of the seminar:

  • Overview of the ASME Code Sections

  • ASME Code Section III, Code Cases, Interpretations

  • Laws and regulations at the place of erection

  • ASME Code without stamping, how does that work?

  • Structure and usage of ASME Code Section III

  • Edition 2021 Changes to Section III

  • Classes 1, 2, 3, MC, CS, TP, SC, TC, ISS

  • QSC authorization, ASME N, NPT, NV and NA Certification Marks

  • Fittings, safety valves and pumps for nuclear service

  • Vessels, piping and supports

  • Material, source material, qualification of unqualified source material

  • Qualification of material suppliers and service providers

  • Design specification, design calculation, design verification, design report

  • Commercial Dedication of Design Software

  • Certifying Engineer, documentation of calculations

  • Nondestructive examination, Welding, PWHT

  • qualification of NDE personnel, Welder, Welding Supervisor, PWHT personnel

  • Pressure test, nameplate, documentation and Records

Seminar Instructors:

Dr. Dirk Koelbl | Phone: +49 201 74 72 75-11 | E-Mail:

Dr. Dirk KoelblDirk Kölbl is a qualified Authorized Nuclear Inspector Supervisor for ASME Code Section III, Division 1 and 3 activities and is an Authorized Inspector Supervisor with experience in Sections I, IV, VIII, and X. In his 25 years of experience with the ASME Code, he has prepared a large number of companies all over the world for their ASME Joint Reviews and Nuclear Surveys. He has participated in hundreds of audits of pressure equipment manufacturers, engineering companies and suppliers of nuclear power equipment and material. Dr. Kölbl is member of ASME NQA EUIWG and certified Lead Auditor according to ASME NQA-1 with auditing experience in the fields of material, components, services and engineering. Since 1995 Dr. Kölbl has published several articles on Codes and Standards and developed courses, workshops and seminars. His experience and professional teaching skills make him an effective and entertaining instructor.

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