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ASME Code Workshops

Our ASME Code workshop programm in the overview:

ASME Code Section VIII, Division 1 - Design Calculation of Pressure Vessels

ASME Code Section IX - Qualification of Welding Procedures and Welders

ASME Code Section V - NDE Procedures

Written Practice and Qualification of NDE Personnel


ASME Code Workshops - Applying the Code for your projects


Our ASME Code workshops show you how to efficiently meet the ASME Code requirements. The participants receive valuable guidance and assistance with the practical application of the ASME Code. Following a brief introduction into the basic principles for first time users, the workshops will concentrate on the practical implementation of the ASME Code rules using typical exercises and Code challenges.

Our Instructors are experienced ASME Authorized Inspector Supervisors, whose wealth of experience in the ASME Code business enables them to make the participants aware of typical ASME Code pitfalls.

We offer tailor-made in-house workshops during which our trainers assist your staff with finding individual answers for the specific ASME related tasks in your company.

Description: Following a brief general introduction into the ASME Code the participants will be made familiar with the applicable ASME Code Section VIII, Division 1 design requirements. Many different practical examples and exercises will offer a deep insight into the ASME Code specific design rules. The participants will have the opportunity to perform their own calculations with the assistance of an experienced design engineer who is also an Authorized Inspector Supervisor.

Target: Having attended this seminar the applicants have the necessary basic knowledge to perform their own design calculations and/or review such calculations for Code compliance. Within the scope of the seminar we would also be pleased to address some of your typical projects, please send us your specific questions a few days in advance.

Duration: 2 - 3 days

Key Points of the Workshop:

  • determining the specific Section VIII, Division 1 design data (MAWP, design pressure, test pressure, design temperature, MDMT, seismic and wind loads, external nozzle loads, etc.),

  • finding the correct joint efficiency factor E and the corresponding scope of nondestructive examination,

  • establishing the allowable stress values as listed in ASME Code Section II,

  • calculating cylinders, cones, dished and flat heads for internal and external pressure,

  • calculating openings (reinforcement calculation, large openings, external nozzle loads, UG-45, etc.),

  • dimensioning flanges according to Appendix 2 and ASME B16.5,

  • heat exchangers according to Subsection C, Part UHX,

  • supports (saddles, lugs, skirts)

  • special services UW-2 (lethal service, direct firing, low temperature service)

  • impact test requirements as an integral design element

  • considering PWHT requirements as part of the design calculation

  • proof test to establish the maximum allowable working pressure MAWP

  • calculations using non-ASME procedures/formulas covered by par. U-2(g) (e.g. FEA, British Standard, AD 2000, etc.)



Description: In the international plant engineering business ASME Code Section IX is the most often used standard for the qualification of welding procedures, welders and welding operators as well as brazing procedures and brazers. This workshop exclusively covers the topic of welding and familiarizes the participants with the qualification of welding procedures and welders as required by the ASME Code Section IX. By means of practical exercises the basic requirements of ASME Code Section IX will be demonstrated.

Target: Vermittlung der grundlegenden Kenntnisse um eigenständig Schweißverfahrensprüfungen, Schweißanweisungen und Schweißerzeugnisse nach ASME Code Sektion IX zu erstellen oder zu kontrollieren. Die Teilnehmer sollen sich aktiv am Workshop beteiligen.

Duration: 2 days

Key Points of the Workshop:

  • structure and application of ASME Code Section IX

  • basic requirements regarding the qualification of welding procedures and welders

  • documentation: Procedure Qualification Record (PQR), Welding Procedure Specification (WPS), Welder Performance Qualifications (WPQ) and Welding Operator Performance Qualification (WOPQ)

  • scope and variables of different welding procedures

    • "essential variables" and "nonessential variables"

    • impact test requirements and "supplementary essential variables"

  • qualification of welders and welding operators

    • manual and semiautomatic welding

    • machine and automatic welding

  • scope and variables for welders

  • exercises:

    • reviewing of Procedure Qualification Records (PQR)

    • reviewing of Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS)

    • reviewing of Welder Performance Qualifications (WPQ) and Welding Operator Performance Qualifications (WOPQ)

    • preparing of Procedure Qualification Records (PQR)

    • preparing of Welding Procedure Sepcifications (WPS)

    • preparing of Welder Performance Qualifications (WPQ) and Welding Operator Performance Qualifications (WOPQ)



Description: Starting with a brief general introduction into the ASME Code the participants will learn about the required content of NDE procedures according to ASME Code Section V. With the participants' active involvement a complete NDE procedure will be developed for one particular NDE method (RT, UT, MT, PT, VT or LT). An Authorized Nuclear Inspector Supervisor experienced in this field will assist the participants with this task.

Duration: 2 days

Key Points of the Workshop:

  • discussing the specific NDE technique(s) (RT, UT, MT, PT, VT, LT) used by the employer

  • description of the examination process

  • description of the interpretation and evaluation of indications depending on the ASME Construction Code applied (ASME Section VIII Division 1 & 2, Section I, Section IV, etc.)

  • final documentation required for the performed nondestructive examination NDE



Description: Following a brief general introduction into the ASME Code the participants will be made familiar with the applicable ASME Construction Code NDE personnel qualification requirements. The SNT-TC-1A guideline needed to develop and establish an employer's NDE personnel qualification system / procedure (the so called Written Practice), will also be discussed in detail. Under the supervision of an experienced Authorized Nuclear Inspector Supervisor the participants have the opportunity to develop their own company's Written Practice.

Duration: 2 days

Key Points of the Workshop:

  • presentation of the Recommended Practice No. SNT-TC-1A of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing ASNT

  • determining the specific needs of the employer regarding the NDE personnel qualification levels depending on the NDE methods (RT, UT, MT, PT, VT, LT) applied at the manufacturing facilities

  • determining if NDE personnel already qualified according to national or international central certification programs (e.g. DIN EN 473, DIN EN ISO 9712, ASNT, ACCP) can use their personal NDE Certificates for the purposes of their employer

  • description of the NDE Levels of qualification including the requirements for the individual's education, initial qualification, and the required scope of training

  • description of the written and practical examinations to be passed by the NDE personnel according to SNT-TC-1A

  • recertification process and technical performance evaluation according to SNT-TC-1A

  • administration and retention of the required documentation to maintain the NDE personnel qualification


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