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ASME Design Review Checklist VIII-1

Design Review Checklist für Section VIII, Division 1

Diese Checkliste bezieht sich auf Behälter aus Kohlenstoff-, niedrig- und hochlegierten Stählen sowie Nichteisen-Metallen. Für andere Werkstoffe benutzen Sie bitte das Regelwerk. Diese Checkliste ist ausschließlich als Hilfe und Orientierung gedacht und ersetzt nicht den gründlichen Abgleich mit der ASME Code Section VIII, Division 1.

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    Reference Paragraph
1 Drawing + bill of material (BOM)
1.1 drawing no./rev. (revision used in the calculation?/in compliance with Quality Manual?)  
1.2 reference on the drawing to other required documents, e.g. welding doc., BOM etc.
1.3 ASME Code Edition/Code Cases  
1.4 units: SI/U.S. Customary/local customary units U-4
1.5 design data: internal/external pressure/MAWP/design temperature/MDMT/test pressure etc. UG-20, 21
1.6 corrosion/erosion allowance UG-25
1.7 materials (for all pressure parts: all permitted?/additional requirements, e.g. UT, PT, MT?) UG-4 thru UG-15
1.8 dimensions (ID, t, OD etc.) UG-16
1.9 loads (use seperate checklist as well) UG-22 (a) to (j)
1.10 service restrictions (unfired steam boiler, cyclic, lethal, compressed air, steam, water service) UW-2, UG-16
1.11 joint identification on the drw./assignment of WPS to joint/reference to the ext. welding doc.
1.12 name plate UG-115, 116, 118, 119
2 Tolerances/Dimensions U-5, UG-16 (c)
2.1 minimum thickness, plate and pipe tolerances UG-16
2.2 misalignment UW-33
2.3 tapered transitions UW-9
2.4 staggered longitudinal joints UW-9
2.5 out-of-roundness for internal pressure UG-80 (a)
2.6 out-of-roundness for external pressure UG-80 (b)
2.7 head skirt length UG-32-33, UW-13
2.8 tolerance for formed heads UG-81
2.9 exposed inside edges chamfered or rounded UG-76 (c)
3 Calculation  
3.1 computer programm verification incl. evidence of alternate calculation per method applied Foreword
3.2 allowable stress values used in the calculation UG-23,Sec.II
3.3 external (stiffening rings if applicable)/internal pressure calculation for all pressure bearing parts UG-27 ff
3.4 joint efficiencies E UW-11, 12
3.5 corrosion allowance/static head considered in the calculation? UG-16, 21
3.6 required thickness values >= minimum wall thickness (UG-16) + corrosion allowance UG-16, 21
3.7 any external loadings considered: e.g. ex. nozzle loads, seismic, wind, ... UG-22
3.8 extreme fibre elongation UCS-79, UG-79, UHA-44, UNF-79
3.9 fittings considered? UG-44, Table U-3
3.10 Flanges ASME B16.5: PT Rating @ Tdes >= design pressure (incl. static head) UG-44
3.11   non standard:   App.2, App.Y
3.12     material: bar?/hubbed flanges from rolled plate? UG-14, 2-2(d)(2)
3.13 bolt requirements UG-12, 2-2(e)
3.14 Nozzles size:                   → ligaments, if any  →  ligament efficiency considered UG-53
3.15   small openings, if any  →  no reinforcement calculation needed UG-36(c)(3)
3.16   reinforcement calculation needed  →  for shells/dished heads UG-37, App.1-9,10(shell)
  →  for flat heads
  →  for large openings
App.1-7, App.1-10
3.19 limits of reinforcement, overlapping areas of reinforcement UG-37, 40
3.20 multiple openings UG-42
3.21 openings in or adjacent to welds UG-37, UW-14
3.22 split/segmental reinforcement plates considered UG-37
3.23 nozzle weld strength calculation UG-41, UW-15
3.24 minimum nozzle neck thickness UG-45
3.25 telltale holes in nozzle reinforcement plates UG-37(g)
Studded openings → reinforcement calculation available?
  → threaded connection
UG-12,UG-43(e),(g), UG-46(i)
  → remaining wall thickness underneath tapped holes
3.29 Stayed surfaces UG-47
  → Staybolts
UG-14, 48-50, UG-83, UW-19
3.31 Vessel support calculation (lugs, legs, saddles) UG-4(b), UG-22, UG-54,55
4 Drains UG-25(f)
5 Telltale holes for corrosion UG-25(e)
6 Studs & bolts UG-12, UCS-10, UNF-12, UHA-12, 2-2(e)
7 Inspection openings UG-46
8 Flued openings UG-38
9 Heat exchangers UHX, App. A, UW-20
10 Dimpled and embossed assemblies App.17
11 Electric immersion heater support plates App.41
12 Bellow joints App.26, App.5
13 Rectangular vessels App.13
14 Clamp connections App.24
15 Quick-actuating closures UG-35.2
16 Jacketed vessels App.9, UG-27(f), 28(i), 47
17 Miniature pressure vessel - check the constraints U-1(j), UG-116
18 Mass production of pressure vessels App.35
19 Welds  
19.1 joint categories UW-3
19.2 Nozzle attachments to the shell or head UW-16
19.3 Attachment of flat heads + covers cylinders UW-13, UG-34
19.4 Corner joints UW-13(e), UG-93(d)(3-4)
19.5 Fillet welds from one side only UW-8,13, UG-34
19.6 Flange attachment tothe nozzle Fig. 2-4 App.A
19.7 Tubesheet to shell welds UW-13.2
19.8 Tube to tubesheet welds UW-20, App.A
19.9 Plug welds UW-17, 37
19.10 Fillet welds UW-18
19.11 Welded stays UW-19
19.12 B16.5 SO and socket flange welds UW-21
20 Heat treatment requirements UG-85
20.1 PWHT carbon and low alloy steels UCS-56
20.2   high alloy steels UHA-32
20.3   nonferrous materials UNF-56
20.4 HT after forming due to straining UCS-79, UHA-44, UNF-79
21 Impact Test Requirements UG-84,UW-48
  carbon and low alloy steels
UG-20(f), UCS-66-67
  high alloy steels
  nonferrous materials
22 NDE UW-11, App.6, App.8
RT: carbon and low alloy steels
UCS-57, UNF-57
  high alloy steels
  nonferrous materials
22.4 radiographic technique UW-51, 52
22.5 ultrasonic examination UW-53, App.12
22.6 selection and location of "spots" UW-52
22.7 hubs machined from plates App.20
22.8 PT/MT mandatory UHA-34, UW-13(b)(4), UNF-58
22.9 NDE (PT/MT) on corner joints UG-93(d), UW-13(e)
Test pressure Hydrostatic Test
  → based on MAWP
  → based on calculated pressure
  Pneumatic Test
24 Overpressure Protection UG-125-140, App.11, App.M
25 Referenced Standards Table U-3
26 Proof Test UG-101
27 Marking and Stamping/Name plate location UG-115, 116, 118-119
28 NB registration number  
29 Canadian registration number  
30 Partial Data Report / Data Report UG-120
ASME Section VIII Division 1
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