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ASME Code - Allowable Stresses
  • Stress Values- Section II, Table 1A
  • Stress Values- Section II, Table 1B
  • Stress Values- Section II, Table 3
  • Carbon Steel - Example
  • High Alloy Steel - Example
Shells and Heads
  • Cylinder under internal pressure
  • Elliptical head under internal pressure
  • Torispherical head under internal pressure
  • Klöpperboden (DIN28011) under internal pressure
  • Korbbogenboden (DIN28013) under int. pressure
  • Hemispherical head under internal pressure
  • Flat head (circular) under internal pressure
  • Flat head (noncircular) under internal pressure
  • Equivalent flange pressure due to ext. loads
  • ASME B16.5 flanges external loads - UG-44(b)
  • Loose-type flange under internal pressure
  • ASME B16.5 Flanges P/T Ratings
Determination of foming strains
  • Forming strain of a cylinder
  • Forming strain of a head
  • Forming strain of tube or pipe bends

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UG-44(b) (Section VIII-1), 4.16.12 (Section VIII-2) / Code Case 2901 - Consideration of external loads on ASME B16.5 standard flanges under ASME Code Section VIII, Division 1 & 2





gasket diameter G:




axial force Fax:


moment M1:


moment M2:


design pressure PD:


B16.5 Pressure-Temperature
Rating Table:


B16.5 max. all. working pressure  PR:

moment factor CC2901, Table1 Fm:


CC2901 reference pressure PCC2901:


resultant moment M:


equivalent pressure (moment) PM:

16M / (π*G³)

equivalent pressure (force) PF:

4Fax / (π*G²)

total equivalent pressure  Peq:


design pressure + equivalent pressure

Notes/Additional requirements of CC 2901

  • assembly bolt load shall comply with ASME PCC-1, Appendix O
  • bolt material SA-193 B8 Cl. 2 or higher strength
  • Code Case number shall be recorded on the MDR

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General Information

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ASME Section VIII Division 1
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