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ASME Code Essentials
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ASME Code Weeks
ASME Code Essentials
ASME Code Weeks
ASME Code Essentials
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As a group company of the ASME accredited TÜV Thüringen e.V., CIS GmbH offers a wide range of services when it comes to obtaining an ASME Certificate of Authorization. Our international network of experts provides customized services for the inspection and calculation of your steam and heating boilers, pressure vessels, piping, nuclear components and other pressure retaining parts.

CIS GmbH's competent specialists have been working in the ASME Code business for many years and are much sought-after service providers in the plant engineering industry. Their know-how coupled with our company's customer-oriented corporate structure ensure tailor-made support wherever you may require our services. Our ASME Code experts assist you in the cost effective application of the ASME Code and related standards.

  • Authorized Inspections Services
  • Consulting and Support with the
    ASME Certification
  • ASME Code Training and Workshops

CIS GmbH is an ASME Authorized Training Provider for ASME Global Courses

  • Support with the application of ASME Code
    requirements regarding Welding and NDE
  • Consulting and Inspection Services related
    to the Pressure Equipment Directive
    PED 2014/68/EU
  • Design Calculations and Reviews
    according to the ASME Code and other
    international standards

Looking for a first idea about the minimum required wallthicknesses of pressure bearing components according to the ASME Code? Here you will find our free tools covering ASME materials and ASME Code calculation procedures. Interpolate the allowable stress values at temperature from ASME Code Section II, Part D or calculate your own cylinders, heads and flanges. You will also find some additional tools which help you determine extreme fiber elongation or equivalent flange pressures due to external forces and moments.

Shells and Heads
ASME B16.5 & Code Case 2901 NEW
Determination of Forming Strains
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